Отель Бретанья Флоренция - Отель 3 звезды в центре Флоренции

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Отель Бретанья Флоренция - Отель 2
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Где мы находимся

For those arriving by car - please read carefully -
The Hotel Bretagna is located right in the historic city center, inside the limited traffic zone (ZTL).
This limited traffic zone needs a special permit to enter.
Anyhow, our guests are allowed to enter in the city but they are recommended to communicate as soon as they arrive at the front desk of the hotel reception.
Their plate number will be recorded and also the exact time when they have entered. The Hotel by computer network system will avoid a sanction which might be caused entering to the ZTL zone.
This communication has a legal validity only once. There is no need to communicate anything at the time you leave the city center.
The ZTL (traffic limited zone) is in operation every day from 7.30 am until 7.30 pm except Sunday and public holidays.
During the time of summer on Thursday through Saturday from 10 pm until 3 am the traffic limited zone is also enforced.
The Hotel Bretagna will not take any responsability in case of missing communication (for ex. the plate number and entering time) from our clients and not even for an inaccurate use of your car during your stay.

Conventional parking service:
The Hotel Bretagna is offering our clients the possibility to use a conventional garage place (Garage Peguet) to facilitate the parking of your car in the city center.
The garage provides picking up of your car in front of the Hotel and also return of your car.
The rates are: 22euro for a small car; 25euro for a medium car; 28-30euro for a big car (for ex. station wagon, off-road car, suv).
The rate is valid for 24 hours, no longer past 3 pm of the following day.
The Garage Peguet is closed on Sunday from 12 am until 4 pm.

Public parking places:
As an alternative of leaving your car in a private garage there are public parking sites of a basic fee around 18euro for 24 hours.
Most public parking places are in immediate surrounding of the city center. The closest one from the Hotel is Parcheggio della Calza in Piazza della Calza, zone of Porta Romana, around 20 minutes walking.

It is not possible to park your car free of charge anywhere in the city center because all parking spots on the streets are reserved only for the city residents with permit.

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